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The California Landscape:
The Homeowner's Design
Guide to Restoring Its
Beauty and Balance
, by
Greg Rubin and Lucy
Warren, is available at
events or from Amazon.
With over 25 years of
experience, Greg is a
recognized leader in the
field of native plant design
and owner of California's
Own Native Landscape
Design. Lucy is a long-time
Soutern California garden
writer, Master Gardener and
sustainable landscaping expert.

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These are times of unprecedented water shortages, and it's only getting worse. Our philosophy is to provide clients with an ecological, ethical, and practical alternative to the typical water hogging landscape in California. California's Own Native Landscape Design, Inc. is a contracting company that designs, installs, and maintains California native landscapes. Our natural garden designs range in styles from highly ornamental to park-like in appearance. Landscapes of California native plants are drought-tolerant, low-maintenance, and beautiful, with the added advantage of being a wonderful habitat for birds and butterflies. Although we are located in Escondido, we work all over San Diego county and into adjoining counties as well.

In our designs we love to incorporate paths, bridges, sitting areas and benches, patios, bird baths, shade structures, rocks and boulders, and dry streambeds that become flowing creeks when it rains. We usually include native herbs with beautiful colors and fragrance. If you are looking to capture a bit of California's natural landscape, to surround yourself in pristine beauty, then we may be the right choice for you.

Our specialties include fire resistant landscapes. A number of massive fire events here in San Diego have shown, to our great relief, that a properly installed and maintained native landscape can actually help protect a home in a fire. Though we could never guarantee that a home won’t burn in the midst of a fire storm, we can share with you some of our amazing experiences as documented in the case histories section.  We did not lose a house in either the 2003 or 2007 fires.

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