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Design Features

Rock Work

Rocks and boulders add contrasting beauty to a native landscape. They anchor and give a sense of permanence. Good rock work is subtle and natural. They shouldn’t look like a pile of rocks!

Rocks and boulders create contrasting beauty Color along rockwork
  Rock Firepit

Dry Streambeds

Dry streambeds are one of our specialties. We like to take a drainage problem and turn it into a landscape feature. Since the site’s run-off is directed through the dry stream, they become seasonal creek-beds whenever it rains or when the site is irrigated. Dry streams also help minimize and filter storm-water run-off, which is an important issue. Keeping the water on site makes the landscape even more water efficient.

Large streambed Restoration site with streambed
Streambed to improve drainage Streambed by a path
Streambed on a slope Streambed at Discovery Nature Center
Streambed - One year earlier Streambed - One year later
Rockwork, streambed, and natives Streambed adds variation
Ramona streambed Ramona streambed (detail)
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