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Design Features


Paths invite the onlooker into the landscape. They provide access and define the flow of the design.  The eye naturally follows this element, drawing the viewer in. They can be made of anything – dirt, decomposed granite, concrete, pavers, flagstone, mulch, gravel – whatever can be walked upon.

Path of pavers Paths of flagstone
Winding path on steep slope Paths on a hillside
Front entry path Path on a slope


Steps winding up a slope unite different levels and elevations. As long as they are safe and stable, the choice of materials is nearly limitless.

Modern stairs Natural stairs
Hillside walking path Stairs
Wood and rock stairs Entry way steps and retaining wall
Natural rock steps on steep slope Stairs of wood and earth


A simple bridge in the garden can be used to both define and cross a threshold. A well-designed bridge is an element unto itself, providing whimsy and practicality.

Wood bridge Rock bridge
Bridge in woodland Bridge on path
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